The Jewellery Quarter History and Guide 1st Edition

    The Jewellery Quarter History and Guide 1st Edition has been out of print for years, but after moving out of our office found a few spare copies in the bottom of a box.
    Published in 1987, many of the items featured in this publication have changed a little, or a lot, or have gone completely. Even the cars parked outside some of the (then) current photos are Mk1 Ford Fiesta’s Escorts etc. Also shows St Pauls Church in its black grimy state, the Chamberlain Clock before being refurbished (twice) and more. Note: published over 37 years ago, this book is quite rare and is rarely seen even on rare book listings.

    Data: A5 Size: 40 pages including card cover.

    12 pages are adverts, many of whom are not around today.

    Published by: YBA Publications. First Published: 1987 ISBN: 0 9513108 0 1.

    Still available to buy at £2.50 plus postage £1.85 Can be purchsed online HERE

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