Alexander O’Neal at The Jam House

2499-ALEXANDER-O--NEAL-281-main.jpg_400A sell out – Alexander O’Neal has sold out all tickets and restaurant spaces at the Jam House on 25 September.

Reputedly the best pure singer to come from the ’80s soul era’ releasing a string of memorable hits that are still broadcast as radio requests and played at literally thousands of events around the world including, ‘Fake’ – ‘Criticize’ – ‘If You Were Here Tonight’ – ‘Saturday Love’ – ‘Never Knew Love Like This’ – ‘Sunshine’ – ‘Secret Lovers’ and many more.

His album ‘Hearsay’ sold nearly a million copies in the UK alone, and to this day he still holds the record as the only performer to ‘sell out’ for SIX consecutive nights at London’s Wembley Arena. This soul man still has an undying passion to perform… and his ‘live shows’ reflect that, in the fact this show has sold out!

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