Dirty Gold

Many of you will have watched the Channel 4 Dispatches Programme on 27 June 2011.

The following statement comes from Cooksons Precious Metals:

“We fully recognise that the industry faces considerable challenges in terms of the traceability of gold, and of the health and safety issues in a small minority of the world’s gold mines. It is clear that, whilst the industry is working to address these challenges, there is no quick fix. Due to the very nature of the industry’s supply chain and the refining process within it, achieving traceability of the world’s existing gold stock is extremely difficult, as the content of last night’s programme made very clear.

Since 2008 we have been meeting with various organisations, groups and Individuals to understand how Cookson as Market Leader can deliver a commercial strategy that provides traceability on gold supply as well as an environmentally and ethical alternative.

We are the UK’s leading recycler of gold by volume and have recently invested significantly in a new refining line which will be used to recycle gold under a fully audited and dedicated process. Under the trademark ‘Ecogold’, we are developing a product that uses only this recycled material. This is due to be launched to the market in September and will be supported with its own website – we will let you know when we are about to go live.

We are also supportive of Fair-trade Fair-mined gold and Fairtrade Fair-minded Ecological gold and are working with Fair Trade to become an authorised supplier, with the aim of using our distribution network to make it as readily available to as many people as quickly and easily as possible and at no extra Cookson premium.

All of this work is designed to ensure that our customers will, in future, have greater visibility – and therefore choice – in terms of the provenance of the gold jewellery products that they buy.”

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