Ghostly Goings On at Blue Orange…..

426This classic psychological thriller appears in a new adaptation for Blue Orange. A young Governess is sent to look after two children in a remote country house. Soon after she arrives, strange things begin to happen. Ghostly figures at the window; strangers wandering in the grounds of the house; a dark history of forbidden love and sudden death.

Are the children in danger? Can the Governess protect them from the dark forces of the house? Or are the children all part of it?

‘The Turn of the Screw’, originally published in 1898, is a gothic ghost story novella written by Henry James. Like many writers and intellectuals of the time, James was fascinated by ‘spiritual phenomena’, a field that was taken very seriously and was the subject of much ‘scientific’ inquiry. This innovative production uses puppets, actors and cutting edge lighting and shadow techniques in a tense drama which will keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Performances start 23rd April at 7.45pm. See W: or E

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