Illegal Signs – Warning’ – Flyposter ordered to pay £1,500

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The Chamberlain clock with a few balloons for a Jewellery Quarter Festival

A Staffordshire man was ordered to pay £1,500 after illegally flyposting adverts onto traffic lights in Erdington at Birmingham Magistrates Court on 30 April 2015.

The person in question, who did not attend court and was found guilty in his absence of one offence under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, was fined £1,000 and ordered to pay £400 costs and £100 victim surcharge.

Birmingham City Council brought this case after officers caught Madden putting up posters advertising a CCTV company on traffic lights in Bromford Lane, Erdington, on 13 August 2014.

It is illegal to advertise on council property such as traffic lights, lamp posts and pedestrian railings. Birmingham Environmental Health will take action to prosecute anyone caught flyposting or gaining benefit from the advert.

Every few years the Jewellery Quarter gets a visit from inspectors to view the state of ‘signage’ – this is a Conservation Area and there are strict rules, not only to protect the visual impact but also for health & safety reasons.

They usually warn anyone putting signs on lamp posts, traffic lights or putting out pavement boards to remove them, but if they are not removed by their second visit, they collect up the signs for destruction, and the offenders prosecuted.

They haven’t been around for some time so a visit is due at any time – so please be warned!

Looking around the Quarter at the moment some signs are illegal, probably because the offenders don’t realise know that they are committing an offence – especially newcomers to the Quarter.

Pavement boards must only be displayed on your own forecourt and not on the pavement, neon signs and internally illuminated signs are not normally allowed and signs erected on Grade 2 Listed buildings should not be permanent and must not obscure window and other features.

Special permission must be obtained to erect signs for special events such as Festivals etc. but must be removed within a time limit.


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