How to Advertise

Explanation and Instructions

The Hockley Flyer has two distinct types of advertising spaces to advertise jobs, the ‘Display Adverts’, and the ‘Classifieds’

Whichever type of advert you still have to create an account and be logged in to place the advert. This also means you can alter your advert as well.


These are the easiest adverts to place and go under the ‘Vacancies’ heading on both the web site and in the magazine in the Classified section. Typically adverts cost £2.00 for 1 month and have a character limit of 800 characters. Adverts will appear straight after a web site Admin has approved it on the web site and in the next available issue of The Hockley Flyer. To order online go to Place Advert and follow the instructions.

Display Adverts and Online Job Board (Recruitment)

These can be ordered online here. Select which size advert you would like in the magazine, then fill in details by clicking on the Listing Details and follow the instructions. When you have finished click preview and your advert will be displayed and you can then change it by pressing edit. If you save a draft you may have to log back in again to access your advert. Once all details have been completed a web site Admin will approved it on the web site.

Job Board

Our job board has lots of useful features such as a button at the bottom of the advert to apply for the job online. Here applicants can send you their details, a copy of their CV and any other relevant information. You will receive an email when someone applies and via our site can give them a status such as hired, interviewed etc, a star rating, add private notes and even contact them direct.

When your advert appears on our online Job Board, your email address is hidden in such a way that it can not be retrieved to send you spam.


For the magazine – which will appear in the next available issue of The Hockley Flyer, we will use the details to make up your advert so it is a good idea to add your company logo. You can also send your advert as a pdf ready to use if you require more design elements in it, but usually most job adverts consist of a company logo, text plus maybe some corporate colouring.

Advert sizes are for a full, half, and quarter page plus we do some smaller adverts that are 4cm, 6cm and 8cm by 1 column, which as boxed adverts in the Classified Vacancy section.

Note that the number of words is more or less unrestricted for the web site but please consider the number of words to be placed in a Display Advert!

We suggest around 125 words to a maximum 200 for a 1/4 page, 150 words to a maximum of 300 for 1/2 page and 300 words for a full page

50 words for 4cm x 1 column

Useful Templates for magazine artwork

Full  page without bleed

1/2 page no bleed

1/4 page no bleed