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Last updated: February 06, 2019 at 18:56 pm

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In these days of uncertainty there is one thing you can rely on – the first people you notice as you come into the Jewellery Quarter are the Traffic Wardens – do they ever let up? Is there a team of wardens employed specially to haunt this area because of guaranteed ‘easy pickings’? There are more of them about now than there were some years ago when they shared office space with the police in The Big Peg!
It is also very noticeable that when children are being dropped off and picked up from the various Academies in the Quarter, there are no traffic wardens around the gateways!
And still some motorists insist on sitting in their cars with their engines running for long periods – no wonder we are classed as a ‘heavily air-polluted area’.

However, you rarely see a police officer walking around. One does miss the officers we had for so many years, especially John Caves – everyone knew him, and he knew almost every worker and every building in the area. He was a true copper – I expect he has put his feet up now but if he does pick up this magazine – ‘best wishes, John, from all of your ‘old’ friends in The Jewellery Quarter’.

St Valentine’s Day
My daughter, Sue, who is a craft volunteer teacher in Wadebridge, Cornwall, reports that this year’s sales of her hand-made St Valentine’s Day cards made from recycled materials has reached a record high level. Must be lots of love around there!

Alabaster & Wilson – Legge Lane
The Planning Application recently submitted for this Grade 2 Listed building has been Rejected by the Planning Department – read more inside.

Heritage/War Pages – ‘Watch’ this space
We have featured Dennison Watch Case Co in this issue, but we will be covering many more watch/clock companies in future issues – past and present, as the clock/watch industry has always been an integral part of the heritage of The Jewellery Quarter.



Marie Haddleton