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Last updated: December 05, 2019 at 05:47 pm

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Last month of 2019 and still lots in the pipeline – especially of course – a general election – like most people, I didn’t expect that to happen.

The Christmas lights are switched on and a large crowd gathered to witness the event – I love the huge ring! Be nice to keep that in the JQ?

Despite the rotten weather at the end of November, the Open Workshops event is going OK and the Museums are busy, although the Jewellery Museum was closed for a few days whilst undergoing refurbishment.

On the plus side – the Chamberlain Clock is to be restored (again), the two Cemeteries are being renovated and the streets are being kept clean, which is keeping JQBIDS very busy. We also have four very busy museums with enthusiastic volunteers doing a great job. To date over one hundred graves have been restored in the two cemeteries thanks to the ‘Friends’, and there are so many events to attend, if you have the time, with things to make and learn. If you live in the JQ and don’t have to go to college or work then you can go from one venue to another all day, every day, many with free food and drinks.

On the down-side – pity about being dubbed a highly contaminated area – don’t know how that will work out next year. Bit late though with several academies and a university having quite recently relocated here from nearby clean air zones, bringing an increase in traffic pollution and, of course, forcing the residents who have been persuaded to live in the area to breath in the foul air! According to one report around 8% of children brought up in a contaminated area will suffer from lung disease as they grow older as their lungs cannot grow properly in such foul air.

Thankfully, the jewellers have always been a resilient lot, and we still have our long-established jewellery manufacturing factories, shops, and entrepreneurs, plus an ever-increasing number of galleries, and of course the School of Jewellery (soon to expand into St Paul’s Square), and of course, the Birmingham Assay Office. Very sad however that Marion Wilson whose work at the Assay Office is legendary will be leaving, as her job was considered ‘no longer required’. We all hope that she doesn’t stray too far from the Jewellery Quarter as her knowledge of Hallmarking and Heritage of the area is extreme.

St Paul’s Church is in need of a bit of TLC and if you feel generous, they would appreciate something towards their ‘Gutter Fund’, please!

A Happy Christmas to all our readers and advertisers from Mark and myself and best wishes for 2020.

Marie Haddleton