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Last updated: October 11, 2019 at 09:39 pm

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There was so much activity in the Jewellery Quarter during September it is difficult to report on everything and October and November are set to become even more busy, which is great!

October is of course Halloween and we have included a few (shortened) ‘creepy’ stories – we have dozens of these. If we organised a tour it would take at least a week to complete!

Switching on Christmas Lights.
Organised by JQBids this will take place on 15th November. See their advertisement and put a reminder in your diary.

Buzzzzzzz Bees
A very interesting feature on the bees at The Hive written by Suzanne Carter and Gary Benjamin Smith including a picture of Mark and I being presented with a special gift for ‘naming a bee’.

St Paul’s Urgent Appeal
Most of our readers will no doubt be aware already of the problem with rain ingress into our ‘Jewellers Church’ in St Paul’s Square. We have met up with Andrew Gorham who is extremely worried about the damage being caused to the fabric of the church.
St Paul’s has been an icon of the Jewellery Quarter since it was built, and Andrew is doing a grand job of bringing the church ‘back’ into the community but without your help it is going to be very difficult. The guttering is in a terrible state of disrepair and rainwater is pouring down the walls and through the ceilings in some parts. A ‘special event’ was held in September which raised £4,500 and has received some very generous individual donations so far, towards the estimated £40,000 needed so, please, if you care about St Paul’s Church and wish to donate do contact Andrew on email:
There is a permanent display in the church featuring the life of James Watt, donated by The Lunar Society.
The Hockley Flyer is now available again in St Paul’s Church.acting as one of the increasing number of distribution points around the Jewellery Quarter and St Pauls areas.


Marie Haddleton