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Last updated: April 08, 2019 at 18:07 pm

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After what could be called a ‘false spring’ with lovely warm weather, what about those gales then? Mark was outside the Big Peg in his monthly quest of distributing The Hockley Flyer, when a strong gust of wind snatched one from his hand, it flew away at great speed (a true flyer!) and then hit a passer-by some distance away, much to everyone’s amusement. The person returned the magazine and commented that ‘these magazines are deadly’!

Many will remember one of the daftest proposals in the past to open up a passageway straight through the Big Peg – most of us have experienced the strength of the wind by the post office and can imagine the effect on anyone caught up in a massive gust – they would be sucked straight through and out the other side in a Jewellery Quarter version of ‘Mary Poppins’. At the time, when I mentioned this at a meeting, Bennie Grey the owner of the Big Peg at the time nearly fell off his chair laughing!

A Very Happy 90th
I would like to thank all my friends and colleagues for their good wishes, cards, chocolates, presents and flowers (especially the red roses from the Assay Office), and emails – which made my 90th birthday something ‘special’ to remember. Only ten to go for the ton!

HF Blue Plaque
As part of my 90th Birthday presents from The Friends of Key Hill Cemetery & Warstone Lane Cemetery, they had a ‘Blue Plaque’ made for me – such an honour – but not, of course, an official Civic Society one – after all you need to be dead for some years before you are entitled to one of those and I am too busy at the moment to ‘cross-over’



Marie Haddleton