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Last updated: October 09 , 2018 at 09:01 am

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The Congestion Charge
‘Our Birmingham – We must not repeat our Mistakes of the Past’
(Written in 1943).
In 1943 a document was produced stating that “When rebuilding Birmingham (after the devastation of two World Wars) we must not make the same mistakes as before, with crowded unsanitary houses, crammed together, and within touching distance of factories emitting toxic fumes and belching out smoke.’

Did we really learn a lesson?
In 2018 it has been declared that Birmingham City Centre (including the Jewellery Quarter) is the most highly air-contaminated area in the UK.

Consequently, a Congestion Charge will be made for vehicles entering the City Centre which are regarded as not complying with emission guidelines.

On 27th September planning permission was granted to build 400 new apartments on land between the two cemeteries in Pitsford Street and a new application filed to build 320 apartments on the A E Harris site which is in the centre of the Industrial Middle which means that per square metre there is an even denser habitation than there was before the 1930’s slum clearance, and the only ‘open spaces’ are the two cemeteries!

These proposals do not solve the even bigger problem of thousands of vehicles on our streets which are not taxed, insured, nor hold MOT Certificates (which requires vehicles of a certain age to pass an emission test).

Yet another problem will be the provision of sufficient ‘charging points’ for electric cars and where to position them.

Has this Congestion Charge decision been taken in haste and without proper consideration and consultation. Interesting to hear what you think?

War & Peace
To help commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the end of WW1. we have compiled a special feature this month ‘War and Peace’ – hope you find it interesting – but remember that our features about individual companies and their war efforts will continue in the Hockley Flyer for some months yet.

Christmas is Coming
Christmas approaches, but before that we have Halloween, Bonfire Night and our own celebration – In November we will publish our 400th issue of The Hockley Flyer.

Whatever you have planned for October, do it safely and enjoy …


Marie Haddleton