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Last updated: August 09, 2019 at 09:17 am

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This month we feature JW Evans Silver Museum (Albion Street) in our Heritage/War pages – the museum is owned by English Heritage but gets little media coverage compared with our other museums – but I understand there are plans to make it more visitor-friendly and improve access which is restricted at the moment, excluding children and the disabled. There is a series of talks by Tony Evans planned – (see details).

The Jewellery Quarter Heritage database continues to grow – almost every day I add at least one new company – (now nearing 5,000 companies) and our Events database records everything from when the Jewellery Quarter was just fields, an abbey, a river, and a lake. At least we will never run out of stories to print – not in my lifetime anyway and Mark will have lots of stories to carry on with.

Despite the area being designated as a dangerously highly-polluted area, developers continue to submit new plans for more residential units – they seem to think that if they get rid of cars, then the problem will be solved and ignore the thousands of extra emissions from central heating boilers and air conditioning units. or the extra sewage and demand for clean water from our antiquated water system.

It is a pity the Council didn’t know about how contaminated the area was before they encouraged at least four schools to be relocated from Great Barr plus a new University Campus to move from Aston.

The development of the Mr Tyre site has now commenced- with yet more apartments – some only a few yards from the railway lines – who would want to live there?

The A E Harris development saga still continues with the developers determined to close down Baker & Finnemore
with the loss of the skilled workforce, and the designs for this site totally out of line with the heritage of The Jewellery Quarter, The Conservation Management Plan and Design Guide 2002.

From a ‘development ‘point of view there are not many derelict sites/buildings left but problem is – will developers now be looking to evict businesses to put in more housing? It could be happening already!

The plan to ‘Adopt a Station’ mentioned last month is progressing well and you will be able to pick some herbs on your way home to use when cooking your supper.

Marie Haddleton