New China Sourcing Service from BJGI

British Jewellery & Giftware International (BJGI), the international division of the BATF, has launched a new service, as part of its range of ‘Your Office in China’ products, targeted at companies sourcing from China. The service will provide a basic company check on Chinese suppliers, providing a reassurance that a Chinese company actually is what they purport to be.

The check will include a number of administrative checks of company information and documentation against official records: including company bank details, company licence and export licences.

Mike Josypenko, International Services Manager explains: “These checks offer a cost effective way to verify whether a company does genuinely exist, whether they are a genuine manufacturer or a general trader, and whether they hold valid export licences for specific products, providing useful reassurance for importers who are considering working with a new supplier. The announcement is particularly timely, as many buyers will be visiting the China Import Export Fair (Canton Fair) in April, sourcing new products, or looking for new manufacturers.”

Suppliers can also obtain more comprehensive company checks as part of BJGI’s full service package ‘Your Office in China’. This is designed to help companies sourcing from China, taking the stress out of sourcing from China, and saving clients time and money.

To find out how to take advantage of this service, contact any member of the BJGI team on tel; 0121 236 2657, or visit

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