Police Bulletin

The following items have been stolen and not yet recovered. If you have been offered any of these items please contact Lloyd House (0845 113 500) or call in at Vyse Street Police Station quoting

May 2010:

Jewellery Box – wooden/glass with flower design + lift uplid containing a lift-out 10” x 7”. Value (£20) containing:
22” rope chain 9ct gold (£175); 18 ct gold weave-effect bracelet (£150); 18ct gold 3 plaited rows with circle/bar clasp with blue sapphire (£200);
Small box with quantity of different size hoops, 3 sets of claddah earrings and 1 set of twisted hoops (Approx £100); 2 x plain gold 9ct wedd. rings (£200); 1 x wide band platn. covered in gold wedd. ring 57 yrs old (Val.NK); Eternity full ring with 18.20 diam; Eternity half-ring with 4 rubies with diamond between each (Val.NK); Eternity half ring with 5 diamonds (Val.NK); Engagement ring – oval dark blue sapphire heart-shaped filigree on sides with 8 diams round sapphire (Val.NK); Engagement ring 3 blue sapphires with gold leaves on either side (Val KN); Engagement ring – single round sapphire with 1 diam. either side with gold built up either side (Val NK); Ring – 3 blue topaz with filigree design – with centre diam. surrounded by small diamonds around resembling a star (Val KN); Ring – blue oval topaz with diams around and tiny diams on side of ring. Matching pendant – no chain. (Val KN). 9 ct gold small locket with criss-cross pattern – no chain (Value NK); white leather strap watch (20 yrs old) – (No value); Small box of costume jewellery – 3 rose brooch, blue flower brooch & cameo brooch. (No val.).
Kodak digital camera (£136).
Silver Hip Flask engraved ‘for best man Derek’ dated 8/5/09.
Silver lighter with same engraving and an Aston Villa football design (Val NK).

  1. Chain with brickwork type chain & pendant which is broad across neckline. chain flat and sits low 22” – Indian gold mix of yellow and white gold – with diamante work, not real diamonds. Matching earrings & bangle. earrings – 1” drop, top part connecting to ear yellow gold with diamante stones and drop in the shape of a ‘comma’ in white gold with diamante.
  2. Bangle opened with hinge, yellow gold with white gold swirls matching the necklace, with ‘comma’ type swirls with diamante work throughout.
  3. Gold set but without stonework, the necklace at the back was a simple chain, the work was at the front at the neckline. gold links like oval in shape set at an angle and about half cm in diameter – unusual about this set was that it was Indian gold with an Italian effect of painted-on peachy gold, it may have been rose gold, but it was as if it had been painted onto the matt links in streaks and swirls, it had earrings and a ring with one of the painted swirls on it. It also had a small bangle with three painted swirls on the middle of the bangle – unhinged.
  4. Traditional Indian gold necklace and earrings made of a simple link chain. but the necklace had 3 or 4 bits across the neckline, each becoming shorter in length – simple earrings with three stands, each one shorter than the last.
  5. Indian gold bangles like a Russian ring but a bangle – 6 slim bangles with sandblasted gold on top, so rough gold in appearance, not shiny, 2 white, 2 rose and 2 Indian gold, all linked together like a ring.
  6. 4 more traditional Indian gold rings, two painted red and green work on, 1 with a fake ruby stone and fake diamante work around the stone and the other was in a diamond shape going up the finger with plain white stonework, all Indian gold.
  7. Hinged white and yellow gold bangle – hinged about an inch in width or thicker with the bangle being white gold and embossed on it were yellow daisies and other flowers.
  8. Earrings – Indian gold traditional double bell type with little dangly bits.
  9. Earrings 18ct gold with 1.5 cm drop pear cut diamonds – these were real diamonds.
  10. 22 ct Indian gold sapphire and diamond circular earrings with small teardrop shaped sapphires hanging from them.
  11. Indian gold and pearl necklace – traditional necklace with Y in the neckline with two teardrop shaped pearls hanging at the Y’s – matching earrings.
  12. Small stud Indian gold star shaped – purple stone with a small ruby & diam. stud.
  13. Armani watch worth about £150.
  14. 3 watches simple ones with large faces, Casio, Seiko makes.
  15. Gold chain – Indian gold rope, chunky expensive gold link Indian bracelet.
  16. Gucci white gold ring valued at £500 and a Bulivirari white gold ring with blue sapphires valued at £1500.

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