Proposed Visitor Parking Charges Postponed

springfair2009The joint decision by Emap and the NEC to introduce car parking charges for visitors to Spring Fair International 2009 has been postponed after consultation with retailers and suppliers across the various sectors that make up the show.

Whilst the NEC has many years experience of successfully operating paid parking on events that attract a larger audience than Spring Fair International, both Emap and the NEC are sensitive to the fact that more notice is required before this charge is implemented. Furthermore, this issue is becoming a disproportionate distraction at a time when the market should be focusing on getting the best return on their investment from the show.

Please disregard the earlier announcement, dated 18th December, which may have wrongly given the impression that the decision to charge for parking was solely an NEC one, rather than a joint Emap-NEC decision, and that the proposed car parking fee of £8 was a negotiated rate, when in fact it is a standard NEC rate for all shows where charges are made.

Alison Jackson, MD Emap Connect International states “Preparations for Spring Fair International have been underway for just under a year now. Hundreds of thousands of new products will be unveiled to the trade at the fair. There is no other platform for buyers to compare, source and make astute buying decisions for 2009. Whilst these are challenging times for all, I am confident that retailers will be impressed at the line-up of products to help give them a competitive edge. On behalf of the Spring Fair International team, I wish everyone a successful show.”

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