The Blue Orange Theatre – Love is a Many Splendid Thing!

405After the success of ‘A Female Perspective’ in April, the Blue Orange writers once again lay down the gauntlet to its writers with another competition. The theme this time is ‘love’ under the umbrella title of ‘Love Stories’. The evening consists for four plays:

‘Singular Romantics’ by Peter Corser

Have you ever been on a blind-date and neither party is keen or willing to put themselves through the usual humiliation of such a rendezvous? Our couple have been set up by the well meaning Jill from the office. Will it be paper-clips at dawn?

‘Aquarius and Lady Nightshade go on a Date’ by Jasmine Brown

Can super-heroes and villains have an ordinary love life? Does the real Pete and Claire know of each other’s existence outside the restaurant where they meet, not for the first time? Despite the bungling attempts of Wilhelm and Marina a nuclear war may not get started, this time!

‘Dying Wish’ by Richard D. Price

“………. to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part” ……..” Jim’s not got long to live and Edna, his wife, doesn’t intend to leave him in hospital, alone. A story of life-long devotion.

‘The Worst it can do is rain’ by John Palmer

There’s nothing like a long walk in the country to summon up the courage to ask a big question, but when you are both second-timers in a relationship you’ll do anything to avoid answering it….

Performance Dates:
Thursday 12th February at 7.45pm
Friday 13th February at 7.45pm
Saturday 14th February at 2.30pm
Saturday 14th February at 7.45pm

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