Trees in the Jewellery Quarter

treesIf there is one thing that would transform the Jewellery Quarter more than anything else it is ‘Trees’.

I’m, not talking about a few dotted about here and there but ALL the main wide arterial connections becoming tree lined. The ‘Urban Grain’ – (planning jargon!) would become instantly softened and enhanced. Property values in our little ‘Chelsea of Birmingham’ would be raised and the whole place would become much more user friendly in the most natural way.

I am not an expert on trees but I do know that with the right ones in the right places the effect would be dramatic. In my humble opinion, this would be much better than the rather uninspiring New Look for the Golden Square outside the Big Peg by the clock tower.

I will get down from my soapbox now but just think about it the next time you are walking down any of the roads in the Jewellery Quarter. What a transformation it would be!

Ross McMillan MD
Award Winning Developer ‘The Minories’ 1st July 2011
Cedar Homes (UK) Ltd.


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