Wildlife Management

Over the past ten years or so, the Jewellery Quarter has experienced problems with gulls – when nesting and with fledglings they get very aggressive and have been seen attacking people walking along the street and builders working on scaffolding. Also, of course, there is the noise they make which residents in particular find very annoying as the birds wake up early in the morning.

The Council of course do not ‘get rid of’ gulls as they are not considered such a health hazard as feral pigeons. You will probably remember the media coverage the Jewellery Quarter had when we were told that “Owls were the natural predators of gulls” and the media had me climbing onto the roof pointing a small plastic owl (borrowed from the Gun Quarter) at a gull about three times its size!

Spring will soon be with us again and I wonder whether the gulls will be back – one of their favourite nesting places was on A W Evans’ roof in Albion Street but as this building is being restored by English Heritage as a Silver Museum and now has a smart new roof and the chimneys renovated, will the gulls be put off and find another nesting spot?
In some ways I will miss the excitement of seeing the fledglings attempt to fly for the first time and slithering down the roofs. all the time wondering if they are going to make it.

A company who specialise in solving pest problems called in at York House as he had seen the articles in the Flyer in the past. The company is ‘NBC Bird and Pest Solutions’ and they deal with pigeons, gulls, starlings, ‘French partridges! and all pests. Wherever possible ‘natural’ means are used such as falcons, etc.

If you are intrigued by this article visit their website www.birdsolutions.co.uk


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