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The back cover is a prime position and we sell it for £210.00 per issue, and may do series insertions at a discount.

It is best to have your copy or preferably artwork ready to upload when ordering – use the choose files button below.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Because of its popularity, it can be booked online usually 6 months in advance or more below and we offer a discount for paying online in advance of 15%.

As with other adverts the deadline is the 25th of the month preceding cover date i.e. March 25th for April issue.

Covers that are deemed inappropriate and poor design may be refused as not acceptable or suitable for the back cover.

Until an advert booking is confirmed, it remains available for someone else to book on this site, and may or may not show as provisionally booked.

For details on other advertising, our useful advert templates, and exact sizes please click here

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