Saturday, May 25, 2024

Editorial April 2024

Homeworking has become increasingly popular over recent years, and during COVID nearly everyone had a taste of just that. Many can’t work from home by the nature of their work of course.

For the self-employed it makes sense to work from home if you can, primarily it saves doubling up on so many utility bills, and that daily commute. However, it does have its drawbacks, and whilst home-working means you don’t need to keep regular hours it does take a certain amount of discipline to reach any targets for your business. The problem comes with distractions. There are the usual ones like housework, etc., but it’s those unexpected distractions you can’t do anything about.

It happened to me recently, a very well fed and healthy fox cub was left in my back garden and was trapped. Now did the fox leave it so it would know where to find it, or did it become accidentally trapped? I will never know but was exceedingly difficult ‘not’ to be distracted and watch the cute cub from my home-office.

I decided to leave the youngster for a couple of days hoping the parent foxes would remove the cub, but they didn’t so was compelled to feed it, as seemed to be not as strong as it did!

The parent foxes were visiting more frequently, but I could not put up with the youngster being so distressed every time the parents disappeared over the garden fence!

So, after some soul searching, I left the veranda doors open and curiosity saw the cub venture through to the front of the house. (In a quiet cul-de-sac). I hoped and prayed its parents would find it again, foxes being well equipped to do so! That evening the Vixen came looking for its cub, but since then I have not seen any foxes, so can only presume the family of foxes are reunited. Now to get on with the editorial for this issue ….


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