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All sizes available for forthcoming issues

  • Full Page 188mm x 128mm
  • Half Page 92mm x 128mm,
  • Quarter Page 92mm x 62mm
  • Eighth Page 44mm x 62mm

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Note – our Recruitment Display adverts are slightly smaller than the other main display adverts througout the rest of the magazine, this is due to the borders and heading strap.

With ever increasing costs, we have managed to keep these prices down but only by pre-paying.

Don’t forget to send us your advert, you can send it later if peferred by either coming back to this or using

Absolute last date for publishing in this months issue is the 4th of that month, i.e. March 4th for the March issue for example. We aim to publish magazine mid month.


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Full Page pre-paid less 10%, Half Page pre-paid less 10%, Quarter Page pre-paid less 10%, Eighth Page pre-paid less 10%

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