A E Harris to Manufacture Balti Bowls

Birmingham is famous for its iconic Balti, of which the pressed steel flat bottomed wok is an integral part of its preparation and presentation.

Originally designed and made in Birmingham, the manufacturer folded when the owner died leaving its future in doubt.

Balti bowls manufactured abroad have proved flawed but now long-established Jewellery Quarter firm A E Harris have come to the rescue. New tooling, bearing the unique legend ‘Made in Birmingham, Home to the Real Balti’ are being produced as part of a test run and, if successful, will be rolled out for purchase by the nation’s curry lovers.

The initiative is a collaboration between Andy Munro, previously Regeneration Director for the Jewellery Quarter and now running tours of the Balti Triangle, and A E Harris.

W www.birmingham-balti.co.uk..

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