Celebrating Birmingham’s Gem with the Assay Office

Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter Festival took place on Saturday, July 4th when ‘Matthew Boulton’ was once again seen walking round St Paul’s Square.

The festival included a Jewellers Market in St Paul’s Square – where staff from The Birmingham Assay Office manned a stall selling small Sterling silver gift items.

The heart of the Jewellery Quarter was alive with music which included the sound of ringing tills …

The Quarter was buzzing. The ‘24 Carrot’ Farmers Market was very popular and live music, ranging from Jazz to Classical could be heard throughout the day.

Smooth Radio sponsored a Matthew Boulton-themed treasure hunt, with a £1000 prize on offer. St Pauls Art Gallery, the RBSA and the Jewellery Quarter Museum were also well attended.

The sun shone all day and it was fitting that in 2009 – the bicentenary of Matthew Boulton’s death, that we can still commemorate such an important figure in British industrial history and be proud that the skill’s and creativity that he promoted all over the world, are still very much in evidence in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter of today. Long may that so remain…

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