Cemeteries News

Photo: John Sweeney.

To help celebrate Heritage Week, the Friends of Key Hill Cemetery and Warstone Lane Cemetery set up a stand on the corner of Pitsford and Vyse Street. Fortunately, the very stormy weather experienced a few days before had cleared away just in time.

Richard was kept busy with his walks and Margaret and Helen worked hard, looking up information on graves for visitors and taking people to the actual locations. Amey Construction have been cutting back the trees from around the catacombs -hopefully in preparation for the new railings to be installed!

During strong winds in September, a tree fell onto a car in Pitsford Street – the driver was unhurt.

Most people are aware that both cemeteries have always had a ‘no dogs – no smoking’ – rule and some new stickers and notices have been put up recently in Key Hill.

From observations by the ‘Friends’ the mess in the cemeteries are not caused by dogs or their owners but by people walking through, who just throw their rubbish anywhere and even go out of their way to dump rubbish.”

Pic of cemetery by Margaret Beauchamp.

These two cemeteries are the only two ‘open areas’ in the Jewellery Quarter and in this recently depicted highly contaminated area it is important to keep them clean, and tidy.

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