Check Your Security

Several street robberies have been reported in the areas surrounding the Jewellery Quarter over the past few months whereby offenders have snatched gold chains from around the victim’s neck.

We have had some success in arresting offenders as they attempted to sell the Jewellery in the Quarter, please can all Jewellers be extra vigilant when being offered jewellery with broken clasps or links and consider the use of retail radio to contact the Police Station, if you do not have access to retail radio then dial 999 if you are suspicious of the person selling gold.

Can I also take this opportunity to ask all premises on the Quarter to take time to check their CCTV is in working order, this is excellent evidence in proving an offence if offenders are put before the courts.

If you have any problems or questions feel free to stop and speak to us as we patrol the Quarter, we are committed to providing a service to the Jewellers and by working together we can continue to make the Jewellery Quarter a pleasant and enjoyable place to visit.

Wayne Reynolds Police Sergeant 5580
Jewellery Quarter Police Station.

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