Coherent-Rofin have Appointed GVUK Design as UK Distributor

GVUK director Graham Dicks said, this comes at an exciting time, the new Rofin Easyjewel engraver/marker has just been launched and is around 20% lower priced than the previous version, making this an affordable tool for most workshops and with monthly payment plans from around £700 over 3-years it is a real money-earning contender for your workshop.

Gemvision have a 10% offer on until the end of July saving almost £600 and a deal for existing customers who want to upgrade to V9 that includes 3-months free access to their on-line academy. The academy has over 1,000 hours of learning videos with 24/7 access.

EnvisionTEC’s new Vida cDLM is possibly the best value printer in the market, with a 90x50x100mm build area. Print a ring for £0.30p with zero replacement parts! This new resin is 90% wax with a total burnout at 180°c.

Call us and we can ship you some samples.

GVUK have a new service engineer; Milan Zaborsky joined us earlier this year and has many years’ experience with printers and lasers, some of you already know him so if you see him around Hockley ask him to show you the new materials.

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