Cooksons Now Stock Argentium Tarnish Resistant Silver

This year for the first time Argentium Silver is commercially available to manufacturers and designers on an international scale. Cookson Precious Metals has entered a partnership with Argentium International to produce and distribute Argentium worldwide.

But what is special about Argentium? Argentium Silver contains Germanium which gives it its unique qualities: It is purer, whiter, stronger, harder, and more versatile than traditional silver and is highly tarnish resistant.

Argentium Silver was discovered in 1991 by Peter Johns, the renowned Master Silversmith, at Middlesex University. It is stronger and twice as hard as traditional sterling silver, means more durable silver jewellery and silverware.

It is versatile. Its strength enables new designs and innovation that was not practicable with traditional sterling silver. Its rich, natural lustre is always evident and it is not disfigured by tarnish. The tarnish resistance means less polishing and maintenance for consumers.

To find out more about Argentium ring 0845 100 1122 or visit

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