Cover details: A Selection of work from some of our talented Designer Makers

(Left to right – top to bottom)

  • Oxidised silver ring with dried flowers and silver ring with animal fur. (Faye Brunning).
  • Twig bracelet – silver, oxidised silver. (Christine Jay).
  • Brooches – silver, resin, steel. (Nina Osborne).
  • Button Pin Collection – felt and silver. (Rachael Hadley).
  • ‘Wear and ware’ ‘chain-object-chain’ – silver, stainless steel. (Anna Lorenz).
  • Necklace – mixed media. (Sarah White).
  • Nest of Bowls – silver. (11.5 x 2.5cm). (Jodie Dibbens BA Hons).
  • ‘All Year Round’ – part of an installation of 365 rings – watercolour paper, cotton thread, gold. (Katherine Pearce).
  • A combination of precious and non-precious materials, pulled together to form a unique oranic range of rings which can also be worn as brooches. (Lucy Chritchley).
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