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Dippal Manchanda to Present at the JMC

Dippal Manchanda, Birmingham Assay Office. Photograph by Martin Neeves Photography –

Dippal Manchanda, Technical Director of AnchorCert Analytical, in the Birmingham Assay Office, is to present his latest research paper ‘Gold Allergy: Differentiating Myth from Reality’ at the Goldsmiths’ Company Jewellery Materials Congress on the Monday 8th July 2019.

The international conference has been designed to bring together experts from a range of fields across the jewellery industry, encouraging shared research and participation in new technologies to greater improve the production efficiency and expertise within the industry.

Throughout his career, Manchanda has written, contributed to, and published a range of scientific papers as well as presented at numerous international conferences.

His latest paper at the Congress will examine the American Contact Dermatitis Society’s declaration of gold as the ‘Contact Allergen of the Year’ and explore the clinical evidence from worldwide patch test data that has proven gold to be among one of the most common allergens in routine testing. Manchanda will tackle the scepticism surrounding these results and the pre-conception that gold as a noble metal with a high resistance to corrosion cannot ionise sufficiently or react, in say a piece of jewellery, with the skin and sweat quickly enough to cause an allergic reaction.

Manchanda said: “Despite the long-held assumptions that gold cannot induce an allergic reaction, I will be presenting conclusive data from research carried out at the AnchorCert Analytical Laboratory that supports the clinical data’s conclusion that gold articles, both plated and un-plated can actually, in certain conditions, induce Allergic Contact Dermatitis. “The Goldsmiths’ Company Jewellery Materials Conference is all about bringing researchers together from across the wide field of jewellery to help further development by sharing information and ideas”, Manchanda added, “I’m very much looking forward to being part of this innovative event and having the opportunity to raise awareness to the reality of gold allergies.”

Doug Henry, CEO and Assay Master, commented, “AnchorCert Analytical is the first laboratory to have this conclusive evidence as to why and how gold can induce an allergic reaction. As a result, Dippal’s presentation looks set to be an incredibly important and exciting look into this rapidly developing topic.”

Manchanda’s research has been aided by his wealth of experience and knowledge into several prestigious projects related to metal testing, tarnishing, metal allergy, manufacturing, and precious metal refining. Technical Director and Chief Assayer at the Birmingham Assay Office, Manchanda has been actively researching metal allergies and Allergic Contact Dermatitis from precious metal throughout his career. Most recently Manchanda developed the AnchorCert Pro test methodology at the AnchorCert Analytical Laboratory to ascertain if the alloy material is safe for individuals with skin allergies.

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