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Domino Reveals Key Trends for 2018 & Beyond

‘Personalisation’ and ‘Provenance’ are key themes which will be at the heart of Domino’s fine jewellery ranges in the coming year says its creative director, Naomi Newton-Sherlock.

“I think when you talk about trends it is important to differentiate between what I would term global consumer buying patterns and more parochial ‘trends’ which relate simply to jewellery and are linked to fashion,” she says.

On the global front, Newton-Sherlock cites: ‘Personalisation’ and ‘Provenance’ as the two major retail trends which she believes will have an ongoing impact throughout the High Street in the coming year.

“You only have to look at brands such as Nike and Mulberry to understand quite how important it is to offer shoppers the chance to reflect their own personality in the products they buy. Both these businesses and many others too, offer literally hundreds of different options in terms of colours, materials and finishes to ring the changes on the same basic product,” she says.

In the light of increased consumer interest in ethically-sourced materials, green concerns and a growing appetite for UK-produced goods, ‘Provenance’ is another mega trend which Newton-Sherlock feels will continue to have real impact on consumer purchasing decisions in 2018. “We are seeing a huge growth in both of these trends.

We know that consumers love the fact that they have real choice when buying Domino designs and we are increasing their options wherever we can with more bi-colour metal choices, more coloured stone options and additional textures and finishes. Personalisation in jewellery isn’t just about engraving initials. It is about being able to create your own unique take on an iconic product to reflect your own look:” she says.

Provenance is another key driver for Domino’s retailers and its end consumers also seem to value the fact that its jewellery is exclusively designed by its in-house team and created and crafted in the United Kingdom. They also like the back stories relating to the inspiration for each piece which its designers always provide.

Domino’s new ‘The Anthology Collection’, which has sold extremely strongly since its launch in September, is a perfect demonstration of how the company is working to meet consumer expectations for the two ‘P’s. This Collection in 18ct gold, diamonds and gemstones, incorporates ten different ‘families’ of jewellery comprising necklaces, earrings, dress rings and bracelets each of which is based around a distinctive design motif.

“Anthology allows consumers to find a look they love and buy into it across a range of different pieces, products and price points,” Newton-Sherlock explains. Importantly the collection also offers plenty of opportunities for add-on sales.

Lace, A Touch of Green and Yellow and all Things Natural
When it comes to jewellery-specific ‘trends’ Newton-Sherlock has identified a number of themes which she believes will be key next year.
“Whilst white metals are styling, we are seeing an increasing demand for yellow gold as people appreciate the depth and warmth it brings to designs. over several years in the limelight the popularity of red gold may now be diminishing a little and I believe 2018 will see the rise of yellow and yellow/white bi-metal designs,” she says.

Delicate, finely-detailed, lacey jewellery; floral designs incorporating vines and petals and edgy geometric designs with clean contemporary lines will also, she believes, continue to be popular; so too coloured gemstones especially green ones.

“Our Gatsby range in yellow gold and emeralds and our Barley Corn collection with its flowing natural lines, both part of The Anthology Collection, have been firm favourites with retailers since they launched in the autumn,” she says.

Blurring the Boundaries
Looking to the future Newton-Sherlock is excited about Domino’s new designs for 2018.

“I feel thanks to the growing appetite for personalisation and for choice, that traditional boundaries are now breaking down.
There is less differentiation between fine and costume jewellery and manufacturers like Domino are embracing new materials and more unusual stones. Consumers are also ringing the changes in how they pick and wear their jewellery.

What were traditionally considered dress rings are now being worn as engagement rings; eternity rings and wedding rings are now being used as stacking rings and eternity rings are worn as wedding bands. This is exciting news and I believe that both manufacturers and retailers need to embrace the opportunities it brings and look at more imaginative ways of both creating and marketing jewellery.

Domino is certainly working on this assumption and I think retailers will be surprised and delighted when we launch our first new designs next spring,” she concluded.

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