Don’t Get Caught Out – Compulsory Hallmarking Dealers Notice

Under the Hallmarking Act 1973, every person ‘dealing’ in precious metal is legally required to display a statutory Dealers Notice, which was redesigned last year to include the hallmark for Palladium.

The revised Hallmarking Dealers Notice has been available to traders since the start of 2010 and many UK companies in the jewellery and precious metals industries have already replaced and updated their legal notices.

It will be compulsory from 1st January 2011 to display the updated Dealers Notice which has a contemporary layout and features strongly an image of a UK hallmark including the three compulsory symbols.

Retailers will be contravening the law if they fail to display an up to date and legally recognised Dealers Notice.

Trading Standards Officers are also aware of the need for traders to display the revised version of the Dealers Notice. 150,000 palladium pieces have been hallmarked since July 2009 and it is important that consumers can identify this ‘new’ precious metal..

Updated Hallmarking Dealers Notices should be obtained BEFORE 1st January 2011 and are available from the four UK assay offices NOW.

For more information visit or Tel: 0871 871 6020

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