Editorial April 2021

Firstly, an appeal! We know the Jewellery Quarter still has lots of Jewellery manufacturing as do plenty of our long-time readers, but lately we seem to be getting less and less Jewellery news items, not just about the manufacturing but about the people involved and other ancillary stories. There might be lots of Tweets, but if you blink you can miss them, and it also shows that in later years by being in The Hockley Flyer your business becomes part of the historical fabric of the area
We know the last 12 months have not been kind to anyone, but as we come out of lockdown perhaps consider getting those press releases off to us again and not just Tweets that vanish off your screens in a moment.

Show us and the rest of the world that Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter is still a manufacturing powerhouse, if you do not some might think the JQ has hardly any Jewellery Trade left, and push for planning changes and even more rented flats.

Thank goodness we have our Chamberlain Clock back where it belongs, standing proud – wonder how long it will last this time before it needs refurbishing again! I found some amazing facts about Joe Chamberlain – sure you will find it fascinating.

Have you all found time to read the totally inane fairy story called – ‘The 2040 Plan’?
I am sure you will all agree that it could never stand as Planning Legislation to replace the JQ Management Plan and Design Guide because, after page after page of words strung together and repeated over and over again, it never actually ‘says’ anything!

Lastly – thank you everyone who so kindly sent me good wishes for my 92nd birthday last month.

Marie Haddleton

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