If you attended either event at the BAJ’s award winners at Final Show either in London or Birmingham last month, and then read The August Hockley Flyer, you could be forgiven for thinking you might have had one too many glasses of wine at either, or both events. Apologies but gremlins got into the works and the photos from both events got swapped, or rather from one event and the other was omitted altogether.

In this issue we print both stories with the right pictures, to set things right and to prove you are not going mad! I blame the heat-wave when that issue was been put together!

Also, of interest is the news item from Germany – the Trade Show Intergem are running free trips to the German Gemstone Museum, the Steinkaulenberg gemstone mine and the Bengel industrial monument, as well as other places. Wonder if a similar thing could be organised for our local Jewellery Trade Shows, and the Jewellery Quarter Museums?



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