Fellows Auctioneers Sponsor New Lecture Series at The School of Jewellery

In the coming academic year Fellows Auctioneers will sponsor a series of lectures at Birmingham City University’s School of Jewellery.

The series will form part of the undergraduate course for those studying the HND in gemmology and will include lectures on specific gemstones, specialist skills, and wider industry know-how. Some of the talks will also be made available to anyone in the public with an interest in gemmology or jewellery design.

The sponsorship has enabled the School to enlist the expertise of various industry leaders who will give the lectures.

Professor Jack Cunningham, Head of the School of Jewellery said: “We have an obligation to give our students at the School of Jewellery, BCU, the best possible experience, and we have a responsibility to prepare them for employability and to take their place in society.

Appropriate external relationships and networks are very often built at course level. Practice engagement and collaborations with Industry, and the wider Art & Design sector, is achieved through collaborative projects, presentations, sponsorship and competitions, or by assisting students to mount exhibitions, gain placements or internships externally. These activities give our students the competitive edge they need when entering employment. The initiative between the School and Fellows is a perfect example of this cooperation.”

The lectures begin on Wednesday 3rd October with Gem-A Director of International Relations, Jack Ogden exploring the history of the use of gemstones in jewellery.

The following lectures are open for people to attend:
3rd October 2012, 1.30pm – Jack Ogden – ‘Gems in Jewellery’ Former CEO of the Gem-A, and current Gem-A Director of International Relations, Jack is a leading expert in antique jewellery. This lecture will explore the history of the use of gemstones in jewellery.

22nd January 2013, 1.30pm – Maggie Campbell Pedersen – ‘Amber’ Maggie is one of the world’s leading authorities on organic gemstones, and is giving a workshop-based talk on amber and its simulants.

4th March 2013, 1.30pm – Edward Johnson, ‘Jade’ Director of GIA London, Edward is also an expert in Jade. This lecture will help to assess different qualities and treatments of jade, and detect simulants.

For more information or if you wish to attend a lecture contact Miranda Wells, Course Director, HND Gemmology on 0121 331 5940 or email: Places are limited.

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