Friends of Key Hill Cemetery & Warstone Lane Cemetery Latest News

Clean-up Day 15th October

The weather was kind for the Friends’ volunteers on the Clean-up Day on 15th October and everyone enjoyed pleasant company and the satisfaction of helping make these Listed Cemeteries spick and span.

Badges for the Friends

For the first time ever, the Friends now have their own lapel badges, which have been designed and manufactured by Fattorini’s of Regent Street.

Some of the Friends’ volunteers proudly wearing their brand-new lapel badges with pride

This was part of a deal where Fattorini’s have become the first-ever Corporate Member of the group and the Friends would like to express their grateful thanks to Greg Fattorini (and Pam Groves who designed the badge), the badge gives the Friends a sense of identity.

Amongst the many items manufactured by Fattorini are badges and Greg Fattorini states: “Whether you have a requirement to identify or reward your staff, promote your company or products, or present a positive corporate image, we are confident in being able to satisfy your precise badge requirements’.

If you would like to become a Member of the Friends, please contact Jacqui Fielding on email

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