Hat’s off to UCE’S School of Jewellery!

Two Australian Jewellers will be bringing their skills and expertise to the region as part of a multi-regional collaboration, which enables up to 17 jewellers to work as international artists in residence as part of an exchange programme called ‘Here and There’ (HATS).

Based at the UCE’s School of Jewellery, Sheridan Kennedy and Alina Jay will lead a professional development programme for schools and practicing Jewellers in the region. The initiative will not only give jewellers the opportunity to develop their practice in an international context but to also promote potential collaborations between design-makers in Australia and the UK.

Each residency will allow time for the development of new work, through developing ideas and experimentation with materials and techniques, utilising the resources and expertise of the School of Jewellery.

Sheridan Kennedy, 38, from Sydney is delighted to have the opportunity to work in the UK. “The opportunity to travel was really appealing but to be an artist in resident is something special. It is really exciting to be able to bring my own ideas and experience and express them to the jewellers and community of Birmingham,” she said.

Project co-ordinator Terry Hunt, Course Director, BA Jewellery and Silversmithing at the School of Jewellery, said. “The initiative gives staff, students and local designers the opportunity to develop their work within an international framework and this can only be a further motivating factor for those involved and interested in the Jewellery industry.”

An exhibition covering the work of all 17 jewellers involved in the project will be launched in Birmingham in November and will tour the UK before progressing to Australia.

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