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Inhorgenta Munich 2014 – Focus on Three Trends in Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are an increasingly important sales market for the jewellery industry. A preview of the innovations here is presented by Inhorgenta Munich on February 14 – 17.

The focus is on individually designed wedding rings with classic forms and high-quality materials – white gold and rose gold are especially popular. Optically, the dominant features are smoothly polished or – in contrast – heavily structured, traditional goldsmiths’ surfaces.

In ancient times among the Egyptians and Romans, the wedding ring was already the symbol of unity. What once began with simple rings made of iron is today an enormous market with a virtually endless choice of materials, forms, and possibilities for personalization.

“At Inhorgenta Munich every year, we see how the wedding ring sector is developing and growing. We are delighted that this trade show has gone on to become not only an influential platform for sales but for networking and ideas too for all the important brands in this area”, explains Renate Wittgenstein, Product Manager of Inhorgenta Munich.

For the year 2014, three main trends are emerging as follows.

Trend 1 – Individualization
A personal engraving with the name of the partner and date of the wedding has already been customary for many years. The growing range of possibilities for individualization is therefore a considerable factor in the current boom in the wedding ring sector. The increasing demand for individual engravings is noted too by Tobias Stange from the wedding ring company Rauschmayer, “A really personal touch can thus be integrated into a simple ring by means of a fingerprint or a handwritten text, for instance.”

This observation is confirmed by the market-leading manufacturers too. According to Anne Kaiser-Kolb, chairperson of the special ‘Wedding Rings’ group in the Federation of German Jewellery, Watches, Clocks, Silverware and Related Industries, 80 percent of orders for wedding rings include special preferences.

Trend 2 – Classical and new materials
Of the materials used in wedding rings, there is an unprecedented range on the market whereby most wedding rings are made from traditional, high-quality metals. White gold especially is in demand again in 2014 – as is still the case particularly with classic yellow gold or bi-color. “When different colours are combined, then it’s mostly white gold with accents in red gold. That was a new trend two years ago and it’s already normal business now,” says Fabian Meister from the wedding ring firm Meister.

Interesting too are the combinations from other manufacturers. There are combinations of white gold together with black ruthenium or rhodium coating, or zirconium in interplay with steel or titanium. In the area of new and special materials, the wedding ring manufacturer Fischer presents the high-tech material carbon: after its initial commercial success, a second line is now coming onto the market with the slogan ‘Carbon kisses gold’.

Trend 3 – Engagement rings increasingly in demand
A further trend is in the sale of engagement rings, whose importance should continue to grow in the coming years. “The trend towards engagement rings is currently spilling over from the USA to Germany,” explains Gabriel Celik from Celik Schmuck. “After getting engaged, many prominent women proudly hold their engagement ring up to the camera. An increasing number of women now want a solitaire ring for their engagement. In my opinion, this trend will become even stronger in the coming years. Engagement rings will soon be as natural as wedding rings.”

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