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Inhorgenta Presents Innovative Designs for Every Day

Silverware, porcelain, and other table objects are not just items used for dining. They increasingly tend to also fulfil a more decorative function and have become an established element of modern table culture.

Modern table culture means taking a little more time to consciously enjoy life. Designers create completely new worlds with the help of new combinations and arrangements and turn ordinary everyday objects into pieces of art.

Ulla Kaufmann, designer from Hildesheim, knows how everyday items turn into lifestyle and decorative objects: “Depending on your relationship with art, you can recognize art in almost all objects and treat them as such. For me, small spoons, serving pieces and small bowls are added as an accent to the china, thus turning into jewellery for the table.”

Contrary to ordinary tableware, this type of table decoration also functions as a style accessory. “You have to be more attentive, as only someone fully aware will be able to turn tableware into jewellery and art; you have to deliberately use and experience it,” adds designer Stefanie Prießnitz from Pforzheim.

The important industry platform inhorgenta will focus on these objects in a special exhibition with the theme ‘Tischkultur’ (Table Culture) in hall C2. The special exhibition provides a unique environment for new ideas and creations and offers the perfect ambiance for this very special segment. This is a very important platform for designers.

The special highlight of the unique exhibit is the interplay of objects and arrangements. “This allows individual pieces to combine into something new,” says Ulla Kaufmann. Stefan Strube, designer from Hannover and winner of the Special Award Silver 2010, has a similar take on the exhibit:

“The Table Culture exhibition has a very special feature; well-known everyday situations are reinterpreted with high quality silverware in such a way that visitors will be motivated to return to using silverware in their own dining experience.”

The glimpse into modern table culture is complemented by special areas such as the ‘SILBER Deutschland SOMMER GALERIE’ (Silver Summer Gallery). This exceptional experience at inhorgenta features a restaurant in which guests are encouraged to select the silver tableware they wish to dine with.

Traditional and modern table objects reflect their potential to turn from simple everyday use objects into works of art. The modern design and innovative arrangement of the objects are truly inspiring and will motivate visitors to return home with new and fresh ideas for their everyday life.

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