Police Urge Industrial Premises to be Vigilant of Metal Theft

Recently there have been a number of thefts of metals, namely lead, from the roofs of local industrial locations. The local neighbourhood policing team have been alerted to the matter and have put into action, plans to stop this from happening.

However, as a precaution here is some advice for preventing your premises from becoming a victim of this type of theft.

  • Anti-climb paint on the outside walls of the premises to discourage people from climbing onto the roof.
  • CCTV externally to first deter prospective thieves but also identify them easily if your site is targeted.
  • Barbed wire on ledges.
  • Making sure that there is no ‘easy route’ to the roof. For example, move things such as bins away from walls.
  • Engage with neighbours to ensure that would-be thieves do not use their premises as a route to your own and vice versa.

The effects of this theft can be costly to businesses. Roof exposure can lead to water damage of the property if not corrected in time. By following these tips you can lower the chances of your premises becoming a victim of crime.
Working together, both police and businesses can reduce crime within the community.

The Key Individual Network. Inspector David Reddington Community Safety Bureau, Steelhouse Lane Police Station

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