Reeves Badges’ Exhibition on Show in The Pen Room

Earlier in the year the old established company of Reeves Badges (Tenby Street) decided to sell up and move out of the Quarter.

Reeves Badges have been making football badges since the ‘year nod’ and had a marvellous collection of sample badges.

They were offered £2,000 by a London company for these badges, but rather than let a piece of Quarter heritage go out of the Quarter some funding was arranged by Cllr Kath Hartley and others, to buy the collection.

With the help of volunteers, including Colin Giles (who distributes The Hockley Flyer around the Quarter), the collection is now on view in The Pen Room, together with some of the tools and dies etc used in their manufacture.
When you have a moment please do pop into The Pen Room and take a look at this collection (entry to The Pen Room is free).

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