Royal Visit

HRH Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall visited the Jewellery Quarter on 25th November 2014.

The Royal couple were greeted at the School of Jewellery and also had a chat with Marie Haddleton who has always met on his previous visits.

The Duchess enjoyed meeting students at the School and viewing their work and was presented with two silver fountain pens by Jack Row one for her and one for Prince Charles. The Duchess was delighted as she told him that she had just lost hers!

The Duchess was driven away to visit other venues whilst the Prince was escorted to Fattorini’s, (one of the oldest Regalia & Medals manufacturer in the Jewellery Quarter). He really enjoys seeing skilled craftsmen and woman at work!

It is such a pity that HRH has never visited the Museum of The Jewellery Quarter, the Pen Room, the JW Evans Silver museum, or the newly opened Coffin Works despite it being his fifth visit to the Quarter. I don’t think he has ever visited the Assay office either. Perhaps he will make it to the new Assay Office when it is finished!

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