Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Signity Star

Signity have launched a new quality standard for CZ – The Signity Star. Not all Cubic Zirconia is created equal! There are big differences in the quality of CZ stones on the market today. Signity, a world leader in precision-cut gemstones, has taken its already exceptionally brilliant CZ into the realm of ‘ideal cut’. For the first time in the history of CZ, Signity has applied ideal-cut standards to Cubic Zirconia creating a new quality standard for this diamond look-alike.

The Signity Star offers maximum reflection in an ideal cut that shines like the brightest star. It consistently earns the highest rating for critical factors determining diamond beauty from The Diamond Profile Laboratory, specialized in the computer-based analyses of light performance in high quality diamonds.

Tests reveal that the exact symmetry and proportions of this ideal cut which create an eight-point star pattern radiating from within maximize light return and brilliance. Each Signity Star CZ is precisely cut and polished to such tight tolerances that every one of its facets is ideally matched and aligned. With the aid of the Signity Starscope, a special microscope to view this ideal cut, you can see from the top of the stone the star pattern ideal proportions create.
Signity has achieved this cutting precision for mass production in its CZ. Thanks to its proprietary technology, customers are assured that every stone every time is ideally cut and polished ‘regardless of the quantity’ and will systematically show the Signity Star effect.

“At Signity, we believe that the finest diamond look-alike ever developed must be cut to standards equivalent to those applied to the finest cut genuine diamonds,” explains Signity CEO Klaus Hammer. “The goal of the gem artisan has always been to unleash the fire and brilliance of the material he cuts. The higher the degree of precision he brings to the material the more beauty he releases. Creating an ideal balance between maximum brilliance and dispersion of light is the challenge master cutters face. When achieved, an ideal cut is born.”

While Signity has raised the bar on quality, it hasn’t raised its prices, affording its customers and theirs the opportunity for greater profit margins.

“Independent market research conducted by California-based MVI Marketing Ltd. shows that CZ jewellery consumers rank quality as a key purchase determinant and view quality to be synonymous with maximum brilliance,” explains Hammer. “In fact, face-up appeal is a leading factor motivating CZ purchases. The research also reveals that well over half of these customers are willing to pay up to 10% more for jewellery made with a higher quality CZ that displays superior brilliance.”

Signity’s new quality standard for CZ is backed by the same core competencies that have made it an industry leader in precision-cut gemstones, such as large production capacity, consistent quality, specialized packaging, and personalized customer service.

Visitors to our Web Site,, can learn more about Signity’s latest innovation.

Based in Horgen, Switzerland with offices worldwide, Signity is a joint venture company formed by Swarovski and Golay. Signity offers more than 200 years combined experience in creating precision-cut gemstones and the tools and services to support them.

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