Smallest Apartment – but ‘Convenient and Dead Quiet!’

At a recent ‘do’ held in Key Hill Cemetery, it was insisted that a ‘temporary loo’ be provided but unfortunately no-one remembered to remove it.

Sometime later, when two volunteers were clearing rubbish and weeds, they heard strange noises coming from it and, thinking perhaps a fox or something was trapped inside, they forced open the door which had been wedged shut and in the tiny space inside, to their astonishment they discovered two ‘rough sleepers’, one man sitting on the loo and the other squatting on the floor, both of them in deep slumber!

Don’t know who was the most surprised! The ‘loo apartment’ was surely the smallest two-person apartment in the Jewellery Quarter so far, but it was complete with a convenience and situated in a protected area, free, and Dead Quiet!

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