Spectrum exhibition


Christine Davies

‘Spectrum’ is an exhibition that celebrates and highlights the diversity of the Jewellery & Silversmithing world. It showcases the work of 13 artists and designers all currently participating in the ‘Artist in Residence’ scheme at the School of Jewellery, which is part of Birmingham City

For one creative discipline to allow for such a wide array of outcomes is truly extraordinary and reflects the way in which the field of Jewellery & Silversmithing is forever growing and changing.


Drew Markou


Grace Page

‘spectrum’ is a rare opportunity to see a comprehensive cross-section of the current emerging and established designers within this field.

Each resident has a specialist interest within the discipline and chooses to convey their ideas in a myriad of different ways. Traditional precious materials sit alongside concrete, wood and even condoms, provoking a discussion of tastes, styles, identity and
sense of place.


Laura Bradshaw Heap


Hannah Fewtrell Bolton

‘spectrum’ includes the work of: Drew Markou, Hannah Fewtrell-Bolton, Laura Bradshaw Heap, Francesca Antonello, Ruth Laird, Grace Page, Julie Legault, Owen Condon, Rhianne Hutchinson, Christine Davies, Joanna Candlish, Zehava Hashai-Spellman and Amanda Trimmer

General Viewing Times 8-24th May, Monday-Thursday: 9am – 8pm, Friday: 9am – 5pm

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