Support St Paul’s Church

Over its 240 year life, the church has withstood the Industrial Revolution and two World Wars. It was badly damaged in World War II but thanks to its many friends – specially in America – the fabric was restored.

Today St Paul’s faces a new challenge. Its guttering is worn out and there have been frequent damaging ingresses of water over the last 3 years. Urgent repairs are needed. A group of JQ residents and business leaders have formed a Project Board to look ahead to the future to regenerate and repair much of the fabric which has undergone wear and tear.

As the JQ expands, St Paul’s remains essential to the honouring of Birmingham’s past and a unique space for Christian Worship, for calm and reflection, for music and laughter, for meeting and celebrating.

Your donations mean the St Paul’s church will be able to continue supporting those that walk through our doors whether they be virtual or physical.

Further information:
W: and search for PCC of St Paul’s in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham

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