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VIP – Jewellery Valuation Website

A new valuation service for jewellery watches and silverware is providing a versatile yet straightforward high quality offer for valuations direct to the consumer. Its successful launch earlier in the year has certainly proved a hit with customers. Carried out by highly qualified and experienced professionals, VIP Valuations are available as three different options.

Valuations in the Post can be booked and paid for via a dedicated website prior to sending in by secure carrier for valuation. www.vipvaluations.co.uk

Valuations In Person provide a pre-booked and paid for face to face appointment with the valuer on a dedicated Valuation Event Day.

Valuations In Private can be arranged so that those with larger collections can have their items valued in the comfort of their own home.

With the price of precious metals still remaining relatively high in comparison to where it was ten years ago, and fashion and rarity pushing the price of some vintage brands up rapidly, it is well worth knowing the replacement value of your most treasured personal possessions in case of loss, damage, or theft. Statistics suggest that nearly 7 million households are underinsured for the value of their contents and the average shortfall is 30% of the total value.

For many consumers who buy watches and precious metal, diamond, gemstone and pearl articles abroad, an independent valuation from a company that does not buy or sell items and has no vested interest in the final value is a must – to correctly identify the piece and to make sure it is adequately insured.

Do you know the replacement value for your most valuable personal items? Have you had a valuation in the last 3 years? If the answer is no then you could be at risk of being under insured.

What Will Happen If I Am Under Insured?
Loss, theft, or damage to your most personal possessions can be extremely distressing, but all the more so if an insurance claim is unsupported or results in an unsatisfactory claim because the policyholder has no proof of the quality of the item.

Post loss validators will do their utmost to put a fair assessment of value on an item but if all they have to go on is a photograph it is virtually impossible to determine the authenticity of an apparently rare watch, the quality of a large gemstone or the metal content of the article.

These factors will make a significant difference to the value of the item and it is well worthwhile having them all properly recorded as part of a pre loss valuation, making any claim far more straightforward.

Insurers are increasingly requiring policyholders to have up to date valuations of individual items valued at over a threshold varying between £1,500 and £2,500 but in fact a valuation is a worthwhile investment for any precious personal article as it offers verification and vital reassurance if any disaster should happen.

Do You Need A VIP Valuation?
A VIP valuation provides full details of the metal, the hallmark if any, an assessment of the weight and quality of any gemstones and other relevant information such as the overall weight and dimensions of the piece. All the information, accompanied by a digital image of the article is stored on a secure database, to be recovered at any time it is required in the future.

Valuations can be provided for a number of reasons including probate, when the value of items has to be assessed on a very different basis from the retail price that applies for insurance. This makes a significant difference to the valuation, proving beneficial for Inheritance Tax purpose, so it is very important to always state the reason the valuation is required.

The VIP Valuation service is provided by Assay Office Birmingham, an independent organisation founded by Act of Parliament, which has been protecting both the jewellery trade and the consumer through its statutory duty since 1773. The VIP Valuation service is personal and straightforward, offered at a single fixed price per item regardless of its declared value.

VIP Valuations are provided by the UK’s most experienced valuers who are all highly qualified with DGA and FGA qualifications and members of the Institute of Registered Valuers amongst them. As a team, they have the widest specialist experience in valuing jewellery, watches and silverware.


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