A Vibrant Start at 85 Caroline Street

In the April issue of The Hockley Flyer we featured ‘A Dream becomes a Reality’ which introduced a ‘Start-up scheme for artisans’ by the well-known Designer/Jeweller Michele White.

Things are now progressing and Michele comments: “Starting as a self-employed jeweller is a difficult process. For a few years ‘Design Space’ was a scheme funded by Birmingham City Council which helped graduates to get started.” With the demise of the scheme in 2013 a valuable resource was lost.

At the recent prize giving at BCU School of Jewellery Michele White offered a prize of a free working space for six months in her new workshops at 85 Caroline Street. This opportunity was given to four BA students, pictured here after receiving their prize.

As well as the start-up bench there are a number of workshops suitable for small businesses which Michele is hoping will be occupied by people working in the creative industries and that a vibrant artisan community will soon exist at 85 Caroline Street.

If you feel you would like to be a part of this exciting start-up scheme – contact:
T: 07801 418217.

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