Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Anchorcert Gem Lab Opens Its Doors to the Trade

Gemmologists from the AnchorCert Gemmological Laboratory at The Birmingham Assay Office welcomed members of the Jewellery Trade to the first AnchorCert Open Day.

A steady stream of retailers, valuers, diamond ring manufacturers, gemmologists, journalists and members of the British Jewellers’ Association were able to tour the AnchorCert Gem Lab and gain a better understanding of the expertise and highly sophisticated technology which is now required to identify treatments and synthetic stones.

AnchorCert is the only fully equipped Gem Lab in the UK, using Raman Spectrophotometry, and Infra Red and Ultra Violet techniques to check stones and X Ray to authenticate pearls.

It is also the first UK Lab to be UKAS accredited to ISO 17025 for the certification of diamonds.

Following the fundamental principles of The Birmingham Assay Office, AnchorCert is totally independent, with no vested interest in the outcome of the assessment and prides itself on delivering a consistent, high quality service.

The Gemmology Laboratory is filled with all the latest equipment and represents a six figure investment in the technology which is now essential to accurate identification of gemstones and pearls.

The knowledge and expertise of the AnchorCert gemmological team who interpret the various readings, graphs, and technical data produced by the equipment is impressive and their enthusiasm and passion for their work is very evident.

Senior Gemmologist Anu Manchanda explained to the visitors the various rigorous procedures which are followed to check each stone in the Lab whilst gemmologists Krishna Powar and Cheryl Owen demonstrated how the characteristics of sample treated stones such as glass filled rubies, and laser drilled and fracture filled diamonds are tested.

Most of the guests were aware of these treatments but had never had the opportunity to see examples under a microscope and would not have been able to identify the tell tale signs without the help of an expert gemmologist.

Sophie Whitehouse, AnchorCert marketing co-ordinator, had set up a demonstration area where guests were able to view stones, treatments and laser inscriptions under microscopes themselves and they were also able to see a demonstration of the AnchorCert Gemstone Weight Estimator APP and the new Help with Hallmarks APP before and after their guided tour of the Gem Lab. The “hands on” demo area was one of the highlights of the day.

AnchorCert Operations Director, Carla Goodfellow said, “It’s been a great day. It’s so good to be able to explain our procedures to customers whilst they are actually in the Gem Lab and can see the gemmologists and the high tech equipment at work.

It obviously all starts from a visual assessment and there is nothing like seeing it with your own eyes. We had very positive feedback from our visitors and the AnchorCert team really enjoyed the opportunity to share their enthusiasm and expertise. We will definitely do this again next year.”

If you would like to register for information on next year’s event please email

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