Beating the Gold Rush

As gold prices continue to hit record highs, some people in the jewellery industry are taking advantage of growing demand from the general public to sell their unwanted gold jewellery.

By creating a hassle free, easy environment for members of the public to confidently sell their scrap jewellery, the reliable gold buyer can benefit enormously.

One very important consideration for anyone purchasing scrap from the public is to ensure its authenticity.

There are several well known products for testing precious metals, including the acid testing kit, and these have now been joined by a new density tester which electronically measures the purity of gold.

The new GK-300 density tester is the latest technological advance in testing the purity of gold. With this amazing machine retailers and pawnbrokers can now confidently buy scrap gold with peace of mind.

Quick and easy to use, the GK-300 accurately tells the user the purity and caratage of the gold. It works by measuring the density of the metal using two simple tests. Firstly the gold is weighed and the internal computer takes a reading.

Secondly the item is placed in a water bath on the top of the unit and a density calculation is performed automatically which gives the user a resulting carat reading from 9ct – 24ct.

The GK-300 dispenses with messy and potentially harmful acid bottles; tests are performed without leaving any scratches or stains on the jewellery and can also be used as a normal scale with a 300g capacity.

Available from Sutton Tools – for a demonstration visit their showroom at 83 Vittoria Street in the Jewellery Quarter, or call 0845 094 1884 for further details.

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