Boundary Changes – ‘Soho & The Jewellery Quarter’

Chamberlain Clock

It has now been confirmed that the new boundary changes mean that The Jewellery Quarter will move from ‘Ladywood’ ward and will be known as ‘Soho & The Jewellery Quarter’, which will include the Jewellery Quarter and the communities of All Saints, Hockley and Winson Green.

These changes mean that those in the Jewellery Quarter have now joined our neighbours in Winson Green.

Could this mean the rateable value of our properties will fall with a subsequent drop in Council Tax and will our parking charges also be reduced to bring in line with Soho and Winson Green, and will our commercial and residential properties sound so inviting when linked with Soho and Winson Green instead of Edgbaston?

‘Soho & The Jewellery Quarter’ will have two councillors.

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