Crown Added to Vine to Celebrate Jubilee

Michele Gulliver is an artist who has currently made an addition to her installation at the Red House Cone Museum at Wordesley Stourbridge DY8 4AZ.

The original vine was installed in 2006 (featured in The Hockley Flyer, September 2006) the addition of a crown as the centrepiece to a new spiralled vine, shooting out of the crown as new growth.

Her inspiration started early in the year when some of the Jubilee celebrations where announced and she decided to add to the design and incorporate a crown to mark the date.

Sarah Hall (Visitor Services Manager) of The Red House Cone Museum has helped to bring this idea into a reality, through the Museum’ s funding of the project.

The vine is now about 18 meters (60 feet) long with glass centres for each of the flowers. Michele lives and has worked part time for Morrison’s Supermarkets in Bromsgrove for 16 years, she has a husband and two children and two grand children.

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