FA Cup – 2

I just wanted to say how interested I was to read the latest edition of the Hockley Flyer particularly regarding plate duties and our beloved clock and the oldest surviving FA Cup.

As you probably know Fattorini & Sons won the nationwide design competition to produce the ‘New FA Cup” in 1911 (A new FA Cup was born because the FA did not own the copyright for the Vaughton’s version) – The new one is the one that is in use today.

Cycle Lanes:
I was equally interested to read your piece about the cycle lanes that have caused congestion on Warstone lane as the only way out of the Jewellery Quarter if you are heading south.
There was no consultation at all which was strange. It is a massive setback to businesses in the JQ. We have all gone electric with our cars, two of us electric and another two hybrid and we cannot all ‘ cycle’.

Tom Fattorini

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