Fei Liu’s bespoke brooch sells at auction for a five-figure sum

Jewellery Quarter-based designer Fei Liu has sold his bespoke ‘Poppies in Love’ at auction.

In 2021, Fei Liu Fine Jewellery revitalised its fine jewellery line with one-of-a-kind pieces in gold and platinum, selling across the UK, US, and Asian markets. Since its rejuvenation, the designer brand has seen sales double from the prior year and a higher intake of bespoke commissions from private collectors.

More recently, award-winning jewellery designer Fei Liu sold a one-of-a-kind brooch at auction for a five-figure sum. Entitled ‘Poppies in Love’, the brooch reimagines the poppy flower in an abstract wearable form.

The brooch signifies the ever-changing state of life through richly coloured rubies (unheated) and opalescent moonstones. The two poppy heads are each encrusted with 13.2ct rubies, 12.62ct moonstone, and a bejewelled stem featuring 3ct tsavorites and 2.06ct diamonds.

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