Management Training success for WB The Creative Jewellery Group

The thirteen members of the Domino and WB teams who are participating in the training scheme.

A management training programme introduced recently by WB The Creative Jewellery Group is already paying dividends, with those taking part finding the early classes thought provoking and enlightening.

The fourteen-week course, which is being facilitated for the Group by Ithaka Leadership Development, a specialist training company based in Birmingham, was open to all employees in the group wishing to learn more about management techniques.

Thirteen members of staff drawn from all areas of the business including design, CAD, manufacturing, business development, sales, and marketing came forward to take part. The classes which last for five hours per session – take place once a fortnight during work hours. Topics to be covered include Personal Effectiveness, Management Roles, Finances, Team Building, Strategy, and Marketing.

Sarah Johal, who works in Domino’s marketing department, is one of the participants. “We have begun by learning more about ourselves and where our strengths and weaknesses lie. It has been very helpful, especially having closer contact with people working in different parts of the company and understanding more about them and their roles within the organisation and how to work with them,” she commented.

Bespoke CAD designer Richard Vinter, who works for Weston Beamor, is another of those taking part: “It’s been really good. Very interesting and has certainly already provided me with an insight into how to work with people in a better way, how to cooperate and build a team,” he says.

For the Group’s Managing Director Andrew Morton, the course is something extremely close to his heart. “I am a huge believer in on-going development for everyone in the workplace and this company has always taken training very seriously. This bespoke course is our first foray into a structured management training programme and the young people taking part are the future of the business. I have absolutely no doubt that investing in them and developing their talents in this way is essential for the on-going development of the Group. It is terrific to see them learning and, although it is still very early days, to see them putting into practice what they are being taught,” he says.

The thirteen members of the Domino and WB teams who are participating in the training scheme.

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