Meet Weston Beamor’s 3D Team at JWS Birmingham

366hf 04aThe Birmingham casting house, 3D printing and bespoke manufacturing company Weston Beamor will, quite literally, be showcasing its 3D printing team at Jewellery & Watch Show Birmingham (Hall 17 Stand P40-Q41) when it takes place in February, 2016.

As a demonstration of the company’s prowess in all aspects of model making and rapid prototyping the company has had each and every member of its 16 strong team scanned using sophisticated life-size scanning equipment and has turned the results into a collection of seven-inch-high, fully-coloured and completely realistic resin models which are correct in every respect.

Using the CAD files produced during the scans, Weston Beamor has also created a variety of 3D photo-realistic ‘sculptures’ of the team cast in bronze. These serve to demonstrate how easily such scans can be manipulated to achieve a variety of different effects and also show Weston Beamor’s capacity to produce not simply bespoke jewellery but also quite large items of objet d’art. “Having a model of everyone in the team available on the stand will give our regular customers the chance to ‘meet’ the person to whom they speak on the phone – if not actually in the flesh then at least in miniature,” says Glen Day, head of new business at the company. Adding: “It will be fun for people looking at the miniatures to try and guess who’s who!”

The mini-me’s do however also have a serious purpose. “We find that we are increasingly being asked to produce precious metal replicas of real, everyday objects for use not simply in jewellery but also in gift products. A recent high-profile commission was for a luxury car brand where we produced a paperweight taken from a scan of the actual car and correct in every tiny detail. The miniatures on show will provide a demonstration of just how far the technology has advanced and of WB’s capabilities in this respect,” says Day.

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